As many of you will be aware, Feedburner was purchased by Google back in 2007, and since this time Feedburner services have become more and more tightly integrated with other Google services.

Now this integration appears to be in the final stages. If you log into your Feedburner account today, you'll notice a message prompting you to transfer all of your Feedburner-burned feeds over to your Google account.

In fact, this transfer is mandatory: by 28th of February this year, all Feedburner feeds will be transferred over to Google servers, and from this date you will need to log into using your Google account login details.

So what does this mean for existing Feedburner users? How do we transfer our feeds, and how will our feeds be affected by these changes?

My experience so far

I decided to transfer my Feedburner accounts over to Google today, and can honestly attest that this has been a painless and smooth process so far.

After transferring my feeds, I have noticed they automatically redirect to the new URL (meaning no subscribers should be lost in the process); I am able to log in to my new Google-Feedburner account successfully, and for the most part the usage of this new system is exactly the same as before.

Virtually everything is the same, except for the following changes regarding URLs:

  • I now need to log in at, rather than

  • My feeds are now hosted at

  • Anyone trying to access the old feed URLs for Blogger Buster will be automatically redirected to the new feed URL 

Why should I transfer my feeds?